Visual Color Guide for Your Logo Design

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Successful brands are strategic when choosing the color of their logo design. And, your brand’s recognition and success will depend on the color of your logo. Color plays a crucial role because it unearths emotions in buyers. Before you settle on your favorite color for your business, read through this visual color guide for your logo design.

Defining Color

Close to 85% of consumers base their decision to buy a product on color. You must be strategic when choosing the color of your logo design.

There are three ways to define the color of your logo including the hue, saturation or intensity, and brightness. Red or yellow is the hue, whilst how much grey you use is the saturation. Brightness is simply integrating white and black in your primary logo color.

Color Schemes

Color schemes and combinations are important considerations when designing your logo. A single color with variations of the hue is monochromatic. Black, grey and white make up the achromatic scheme. Colors closely related are analogous, and these include green, blue-green and blue. If a color is opposite another color on the color wheel, they are complimentary. Triadic colors, found at equal distances on the color wheel, include red, yellow, and blue.

Visual Color Guide for Your Logo Design

Warm Color Emotions

Emotions are the key ingredients behind marketing psychology and logo design color choices. Yellow injects life and is a friendly, warm color. For example picture McDonald’s or IKEA logo designs. Both stand out and convey optimism to buyers. This color is a winner in food, household products, telecommunications, and travel. But road signs use yellow to communicate caution. And, the wrong shade of yellow in your logo design is likely to put off buyers and can even make babies cry.

Do you want your brand to exude confidence and high energy? Go for a red logo design. Red is a powerful color and it will attract the attention of your target customers. Eateries and other food-related brands use red because of its ability to increase appetite. Good examples of brands using a red logo design include Coca-Cola and Kellogg’s.

Orange is a relative of red color and brands use it to communicate enthusiasm and excitement. It’s an eye-catching and bold color that stimulates activity in a target consumer. Fanta and Nickelodeon logo designs are playful and they prompt you to take action. Brown, a combination of orange and black, is a safe choice for a brand that wants to portray itself as steady, nurturing, conservative or historical.

Pink is uncommon in a majority of industries because consumers portray it as feminine. Consumers relate pink with romance and intimacy. But culture and psychology plays a role when choosing color for your logo design. If your market is in Japan, pink is a masculine hue. Research on the culture of your consumers before choosing your color.

The Cool Color Story

If you wish to communicate security to your customers, blue is a top choice, according to Art Therapy. This safe and cool color is for brands in Health, Finance, Insurance, and Technology. Corporate brands prefer this color because consumers perceive it as professional and successful.

Green denotes nature, organic and growth. Customers associate green with money and brands dealing with finance settle for this cool color. Besides the finance industry, green is a wise color choice for brands dealing with eco-friendly products, grocery stores, tourism, science, and human resources.

When it’s purple, it’s royal, exclusive, and even arrogant. Purple is a common color in beauty and other high-end products. Yoga studios use purple to portray a peaceful environment. Make sure you incorporate tints and complementary colors when using purple. Solid purple is overwhelming when used in the logo design.

The Neutral Black

Black signifies credibility and power and is good for the fashion industry or even mining and construction industries. Brands selling high-end products such as Gucci use this youthful color.  

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Final Say

This visual color guide for your logo design will help you choose the right color for your brand. Choose colors according to the emotions you want to stimulate in your target customers. Color schemes should dictate the color of your logo design. Avoid using all colors on the color wheel. Remember, colors have different meanings in different cultures.

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