Updates Of Content Marketing This Year

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Here are the updates to make your content marketing better this year

Let’s face it.
SEO algorithms changes yearly.. Digital Marketing is at its peak.
And things get updated, well, multiple times in a year.

So, here are the updates of content marketing this 2020.


video is everything

In 2017, businesses that use video content on their marketing ranked up higher.


More people (72% of consumers), prefer video over article content.

So if you want to raise your engagement, video marketing is the key.


Tips on Video Marketing:

  1. Focus on Youtube.

Yes, now that we are going to focus more on videos.

Where to put your videos?




Though, there are a lot of social media platforms out there like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn..

Youtube is the fairest of them all.




3 REASONS. Popularity. Time. Audience.


First, Youtube remains to be #2 after Google (the most popular search engine).

All other websites come next.


Second, Your videos can get views months.. and even YEARS after you’ve uploaded them. So your video,

won’t just be trending for a certain week, for a certain newsfeed or so, it can still be watched after.


And Third, Your video can be seen by NEW people.

Sometimes, your content on some social media accounts are limited to a certain number of audience. That is, your friends or your followers.


With YOUTUBE, You’ll get a wider audience, even if they are not your subscribers.


  1. Widen Your Audience

As mentioned on Item 3, your videos can be seen by a wider audience, but how?


Get Optimize For Suggested Video.


That is the best way for your videos to be seen.

Most of the views on Youtube come from there.. the right side of the video you are watching.


To do that, you can optimize your tags, descriptions, metadata by focusing on growing topics, popular and competitive keywords.

That will help your video show up to the next of a video that is already popular.



CATCHY Beginning. GOOD Middle. REMARKABLE End.


CATCHY Beginning:

Have your Intros be impressive as you can in the first 15-20 seconds.

That will start off with a good beginning, thus, letting the audience wanting to watch what’s next, or watch it entirely.


GOOD Middle:

Aside from the fact that your content needs to be informative, it is good that it is carefully laid out. So, create a good script!


Getting in front of a camera can be nerve-thrilling. Some are confident to be spontaneous, some people tend to forget what they’re about to say. Creating a script will help once you are doing the shots. That way, you do not have to think what is it that you are about to say, or memorize the whole topic, because you have outlined it on a script.



I call it, CTA. Or Call To Action.


Make your ending Impactful.

What do you want to achieve? Do you want them to subscribe or your channel, leave a comment, or watch your next video?

Help them decide by writing a CTA or Call to Action.


For example,

‘ If you enjoyed this video, leave a comment on the comment section below. ‘

You can also provide a link if there is another article or video that is related to what they’ve just read and watched.


Note that shorter URLs ranked higher than longer ones. So, take advantage of apps that shortens your URLs.




Promoting on email is soooo 1990s.


It is one of the oldest-style marketing and sharing content,

but, still works TREMENDOUSLY GREAT!


79% of marketers agree that it is still the best way to share content.

You would just build your email list, promote your content with email newsletters, and Voila! You’ll have a wider range of audience!


Here are some tips to make your email marketing better:  

  1. A Home Page is Better than a Blog Feed.


People like something appealing to the eyes, rather than just text-content.
DESIGN really matters.


Rather than having a usual blog feed, try having a nicely designed home page.

A boosted homepage will have people signed up for the email list for a conversation rate by 60% rather than a blog feed which only converts to 10%.


Blog feeds are okay. They are not just NOT ideal if you aim and want higher conversion rates.


  1. Newsletters: The Simpler, The Better.


We have defined that the best way to reach subscribers is through email.

Next, share fresh, simple content.


Long emails don’t provide a good Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Most subscribers get bored reading long text emails.


TRY cutting out information into bit and pieces. Delete an entire paragraph if you think it can be omitted. As they say, ‘LESS IS MORE’.


Just like the GOOD formula for videos.

Create a good format on your Newsletter, too!


Have a good, catchy intro that’ll keep them interested in reading.


Remain to have a short but informative middle by cutting information and tidbits of ideas in bulleted items. This can serve as a Preview section from one of your article.


And make a remarkable ending by sending a link to the complete article on your website!




These people who subscribed on your email list showed interest in your topic, service, or website.


They are special.

So, don’t forget to give a personal touch!


Aside from giving them a good hi or hello, onset, and a warm greetings towards the end of your emails.. SEND them contents that can only be seen on your newsletters.


If you have shown them that they are having EXCLUSIVE content than others,





Not only that you need to be good with the updates, learning, and algorithms..

You also need to know ‘What’s Trending’.


If you want to get more traffic and shares this year, publish original and well-researched content!


Be the *First to write a topic, where your articles and topics will be sourced by other bloggers and journalists.


If you start on a hot topic, you’ll be the first to have the information on that. If it is good, people will like it.

Here are some mini tips so people will like it:
1. Be mindful that it should be *well-researched.
Have extra effort on checking if the data is valid, you wouldn’t want to start something that is misleading.

If it is well-researched, people will share it, and your traffic grew naturally!

  1. Don’t forget to place a good design on your data.
    Say, design a graph or chart, which is also worth sharing once they re-posted your article on their websites or social media post.
  2. Create A Press Release, Guide, Or Manual

If you discover something very interesting or if your data is something new, create a press release.

Say, you have a data on a new technology; your press release, guide, or manual will be picked by tech-savvy bloggers, journalist, or social media managers that are interested in that topic.



LinkedIn is not like the OLD Linkedin.

It is like Linkedin 2.0; bigger, better, more features.

It has updates and features where you can add video posts, good profiles, and groups. Its reach is valuable for marketers right now.

Here are some good things about LinkedIn this year:

  1. Organic Reach is better.
    If your content is VERY engaging, it will reach an organic view more than the number of your followers.

But, are you just going to share your post with a link? NO.
You need to write LinkedIn posts that are worth sharing.

Same with the ‘good formula’ we have for video and email, it needs a catchy beginning where readers will be hooked, a good middle outlining the information, and an ending with your intended Call-To-Action. Intended CTA can be, ‘leave a comment or check the completed article on my website.’

  1. Turn Your Blogs into LinkedIn Content
    90% of Digital Marketers and Marketing Executives go to LinkedIn to find the best content.

If you have good articles in your website, repost them into LinkedIn Content for the marketers out there who would find value on your blogs.

  1. Have an Optimized Profile
    Your profile can also mean the searchable place to promote yourself. Optimized the bio so it is ideal for LinkedIn SEO and for browsers.


You can also Add Skills to your profile, which increases your profile’s visibility well.



There are tremendous contents published out there.

They are becoming more and more, than ever before. How will your content stand out?

Create amazing content.
Create something so impressive that it can’t help but get noticed.


Here are some tips on who to have an amazing content:


Content design is an advantage.
A very informative text, with plain-boring look, will not be noticeable no matter how good and well-researched your data is.

Stand out by having Design on your article.
Vector-based images are getting more popularity. However, a simple image relevant to your topic is also helpful.

  1. Put Quality in the work that you produce.
    You can create lots of articles, with over 2000 words, with idea doesn’t really make sense.. or create 1-3 articles with quality information.It may take a lot of energy, time, and edits, but it is going to be worth it once it brings continues shares and visits from targeted customers.
  2. Ask the Experts

Part of having a good design, quality content is the facts and data. You can have someone research on a specific topic, or you can directly go and Ask The Expert of that certain field and have answers that will not be found on other content.

Being a master or expert of a certain subject-matter has first-hand details and samples which were gotten from real life experience that is not searchable anywhere!


Part of staying ahead of others is knowing what’s trending.

Google Trend is a great tool for checking a keyword or comparing it with another.

There is also Google’s ‘Related Queries’ showing terms that are starting to trend up.

  1. UPGRADED Contents
    Contents are different than what they were before.
    Standards are also changing year after year.You could reuse specific ideas from your content, not necessarily the entire one but only the best pieces, and reuse the ideas on something else.




These are the 5 major updates on digital marketing this year,
covering video marketing, email marketing, trends, reach and engagement, and content.

I hope you learn a lot from this article.

What can you say about the topics covered?

Are you ready on creating your first video for video marketing?

Or ready to start designing those articles with vector-based images?

Let us know by leaving a comment.

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