How to Launch Your First SEO Marketing Campaign

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As a business owner, you know just how important your marketing campaign is to your success. Many businesses have risen to power or fallen to ruin because of how well they run their marketing strategies.

You’ve studied other businesses and learned from their achievements and mistakes, and your marketing materials are incredible. You’ve covered your online presence, your social media, and even offline materials as well.

Seems like everything is good to go now, right? Well, not quite.

True, you’ve covered a lot of ground. But there’s still more that can be done. Here, right now, you can launch into one of the greatest forms of marketing of the modern age: the SEO campaign.

You haven’t truly committed to a powerful marketing strategy until you’ve created a marketing campaign centered around SEO. Using SEO effectively can give you a definitive edge on your opponents and help you win over your potential clients.

So how exactly can you make SEO marketing work for you? You’ll learn exactly how that’s done in this article. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is an SEO Campaign?

Anything can be tricky the first time you do it, so we’re going to break down the essence of SEO campaigns first before we talk about how to make one happen.

So what exactly are SEO campaigns? Well, to put it in the broadest and most basic of manners, SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) campaigns are targeted around creating and leveling up your use of SEO marketing.

Now, of course, an SEO marketing campaign is much more complex than that, so let’s get into the nuances of it. With SEO marketing, you’re trying to utilize the power of search engines to your advantage.

Think about it: when you need to look up something, what’s the first thing that you do? First, you whip out your smartphone or throw up your laptop, and then you plug your question into Google or Bing.

Well, guess what? You’re not the only person who thinks like this. In fact, pretty much the entire developed world uses search engines to answer their questions or find out about things they didn’t know.

These search engines gather the information of their many, many users and they know what’s hot and what’s not on the internet.

That’s where you come in.

Using SEO to Your Advantage

When you utilize SEO tactics, you’re trying to find out what subjects the crowd is looking up and what problems they have, and then you’re going to make yourself be the answer to their questions.

How do you go about doing this? For starters, you need keywords, keywords, and more keywords.

Keywords are what people use to search for a particular item. For example, if someone wants to build a house, they might type in something like, “building a house” or “how to build a house.”

What separates a simple search from a viable keyword is that keywords are phrases that are used by a lot of people. The more people search for an item using that keyword, the more value that keyword has.

Of course, the general crowd most likely won’t know anything about this – but you do. And you can use their keywords to your advantage.

So let’s say you own a company that builds houses, and you want more clients (AKA “traffic”) to your site. If you do research and learn that “how to build a house” is a popular keyword, you’ll use it in your blog to gain leads.

Seems like a pretty easy concept to understand, right? Then let’s move on to how to actually launch a successful campaign.

How to Launch Your First Ever SEO Marketing Campaign

Now that you know the basics of an SEO campaign, it’s time for you to make your own.

Find the Objective

Before you even begin to do all of the keyword searching, you need to take a moment to really figure out what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. In other words, you need to have a reason for using SEO as well as a goal in mind.

Just saying “I want to rank #1 on Google!” is not enough. Here is where you really start to ask some serious questions, such as “Who exactly am I trying to reach?” and “Why do I want to bring these people to my site?”

Each and every keyword you will ever use is linked to a particular audience. This audience will usually be one that has similar characteristics about them as well as similar interests.

For example, if the keyword is “Hottest games of the year” your audience is going to mainly consist of young adult males. If your keyword is “How to plan for retirement”, your audience will be older men and women.

Know what audience you wish to attract before digging into your keyword search. On top of that, you need to know why you want these people to come to your site in the first place.

What’s in it for them if they load up your page? What’s in it for you if they go to your site? Do you just want to inform them about something, or are you looking to make a sale?

Knowing the answers to such questions will make your SEO campaign much more focused and easier to manage.

Optimize Your Website

When a basketball player wants to be the best at corner shots, do they place their energy into learning layups? Absolutely not. They continue to focus on corner shots until that’s basically the only thing they do.

This is the mentally you should have – and by extent, your website.

Yes, the use of keywords is one of the most important part of SEO campaigns, but tailoring your website to fit what you’re trying to inform or sell to your audience will help with your brand image and your ranking.

Being hyper-specific is key here. Your website should be as detailed as possible about the types of products or services you’re trying to sell, or the information you want to tell people about.

If you’re in the business of selling sports cars and want to attract a younger audience, make sure to show this on your site. Search engines will pick up on this, and you’ll show up when customers search for sports cars.

The more you use your site to reflect your services, the better chance you have of ranking high in a search.

Find All the Keywords

Here comes the fun part!

You can’t do SEO without the keywords. The good news is there are plenty of them to go around. The not-so-good news is that you have to search for the ones you really need.

See how we said “need” and not “want”. Oftentimes, the keywords that you may want to use rank far too low to even be worth using, and you’ll have to forgo those in order to find keywords with a higher ranking.

“Hold up”, you say. “You didn’t mention anything about keyword rankings.”

Let’s back up, then. Finding a keyword starts with knowing your service and knowing your audience – that much is true. But there are certain keywords that rank higher than others for the same subject.

What that means is some keywords are searched more than others on average. For example, the keyword “How to draw a cat” may get 3,000,000 searches a month, whereas the keyword “Ways the draw the perfect kitty” may only get 500,000.

Even though they’re both concerning the same subject, the keyword “How to draw a cat” gets a lot more clicks, which means more people search under it. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to use it as a keyword on your site.

A great way to get started on finding the best keywords is by using the Google Keyword Planner. Google is easily the most popular search engine, so it would be to your advantage to use it to search strong keywords that can help you rank.

Shape up Your Local SEO

There are two main types of SEO: organic SEO and local SEO. To make this easier to understand, think of them in manners of general and specific.

Organic SEO is more general and can be used to compete for rankings against any company, anywhere. On the other hand, local SEO is specifically used to take on local competition.

Local SEO is every bit as important as organic SEO, if not more so. After all, you could have some really great organic keywords, but if you’re lacking in the local keyword department, you’re missing out on the audience in your hometown.

This means your competition on the home front will get the customers that you want, and you’ll be losing out on opportunity and money.

The best way to fix this is to use the SEO that your local competitors are using to rank high on search engines. If customers seem to be attracted to a certain keyword, you need to use that same keyword to rank high as well.

Buffing up your local SEO shows your area that you have what they want, and that means you’re in business.

Never Forget the Links

Never, ever forget to add links.

Link building is super important when it comes to an SEO marketing campaign. When you use links, you’re buffing up your articles with sources that can help back up your legitimacy and can give you a bigger audience.

Links give your customers access to extra information that you may not have in your article. This allows them to learn even more about what you do and how your business works.

Take this example. If you’re writing an article on how to fight a common cold, you may want to link to a site that talks about different types of prescriptions or remedies that can help someone who has a cold.

Doing this helps the linked site get traffic, but it also gives you traffic as well, so think of it as a symbiotic relationship between you and your links. However, you’ll want to make sure that your links give you the legitimacy that you want to display for your customers.

Your linked sites will have a level of legitimacy on their content that will reflect on to you. Links that have a high level of authority on a subject are much more trustworthy than those that don’t.

Going back to the example above, do you think your customers would trust a linked site to WebMD or a link to a webpage called “Backwoods Remedies”?

No offense to the second site (who knows, they might have great remedies), but your customers are much less likely to trust what they have to offer, and that could easily turn your leads off from your own content.

In short, building healthy links means bringing in more leads, and that means more cash flowing to your business.

Now you know everything there is to getting started with building your own SEO marketing campaign. Just follow the steps and you’re site will be getting all of the traffic – and the money – it rightfully deserves.

We’ve Got the Web Solutions You Want

The web can be a difficult place to create a successful marketing strategy on your own. The good news is, you don’t have to.

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